Nikki Sixx jumps on fan

If you’re in a band, especially in a band that hasn’t been relevant since rotary phones were ‘new technology,’ any means of your live show being distributed to people should be flattering to you. Right? Well, not if your name is Nikki Sixx.

Apparently Nikki spotted some fan filming the Mötley Crüe show with what he thought was a ‘professional camera,’ and he decided jumping on him was a great way to make him stop. So that’s what he did, as you can see from the video.

And thank god for him. Can you imagine that kid uploading the concert to YouTube and giving the band free publicity and exposure? Sheesh, that’s a crime that should be punished by death.

Good on ya, Mr. Sixx. Jump on your own fans and stop any kind of promotion, it’s not like your band needs it or anything.

Oh, if you’re wondering,  this happened at their July 30 show in Frederick, Maryland.

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