Napalm Death have some news

Napalm Death

The sweetest news of them all — the new album is done! Well, at least according to Shane Embury, and the recent interview he did with Decibel Magazine. And he should know. Read the whole thing for details, but here are the most important ones:

  • Everything’s done, including Barney’s vocals
  • 19 songs have been recorded, a few will probably be cut from the regular release
  • Song titles like Quarantine, The Wolf I Feed, Collision Course, Fall on Their Swords…
  • Album title hasn’t been decided on yet
  • They’re aiming for an October/November release date, though it might be pushed to next year

All I can say is — November can’t come quicker. Unless they really push it back to 2012. Then November is going to fucking suck.

Image credit: Nadine Ballantyne

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