Diamond Head hearts Metallica

I don’t know what it is these days, a few years ago it was pretty standard slamming Metallica in the press. Now they seem to get mostly positive comments and praises. I wonder why that is. Actually, no I don’t, I honestly don’t care.

But Diamond Head are always credited with influencing Metallica a lot, Lars always praises them, blah blah, so the band is grateful that they’re getting so much attention from the four horsemen:

I think without Metallica coming along and covering our songs, and giving us a leg up to reform and things, we may have just faded away like a hundred of other New Wave of British Heavy Metal bands. We may have got the odd little mention here and there, but I think without Metallica’s help, we would not have survived to this day.

Read full interview here.

Aww, look at all the metal love and the British and American bands getting along. I’m actually a bit annoyed by this, a positive comment on a band is pretty boring for me to write, and probably even more boring (or is it boringer? Fuck you, what am I, Shakespeare?) for you to read. Where’s all the “Fuck those guys!!!” hate?

Nowadays the only metal hostility is on Blabbermouth and YouTube. If those trolls also start getting along, we might just have to start listening to Justin Bieber.

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