Keeping up with horrible puns, here’s another post. I combined audio and panorama, and got an ‘awesome’ title — audiorama. One more? I combined horrible and comedy, and got the following — Dane Cook. Press.

The thing above is the new Deftones video for Beauty School, so we even have a little videorama going on, nice. If you make the jump, you’ll get to hear/see a bunch of other lame ones! Awesome!

The Devil Wears Prada, the band that: 1) looks like a bunch of hipsters; 2) plays metalcore, and 3) got a name from an Anne Hathaway movie, have a new song out. Maybe they have a monobrow fetish, so I can’t blame them for the last one, but the first two things would require jail-time in my book.

Kittie are still alive, so all you people who listen to them, make sure you get your twenty cats out of the room, then play the following video for Empires (Part 2). I have no idea if there ever was a video for Part 1, but forgive me, I have a short memory span when it comes to this band.

Terror have a teaser clip for their new video, You’re Caught. I hate teasers for videos, so let’s end it at that.

Kittie are still alive. Does anyone really care?

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