Nikki doesn’t really like Bret

I don’t know what the problem is between these two, but one of them could use less letters in his name. The other one could probably use an extra T in his first name.

Anyway, Nikki Sixx seems to have no problems talking shit about Bret and his band. In fact, the only problem he seems to have is he can’t stop talking shit about Bret. Look:

We didn’t want the tour, because of the reasons not personally, but because of keeping things segregated and then when he went and took it into his own hands that it was like his idea — yeah. He was the one on the phone that told me he wanted to do it because his band needs credibility and Mötley Crüe is a credible band — it pissed us off, because we were sucker-punched.

Read full interview here.

Oh yeah dude, Mötley Crüe is such a credible band… There’s so much credibility in that group that all bands should tour with them.

Look, I’m not taking sides, mainly because I hate both Mötley and Poison. But Bret always struck me as a very nice guy. I’ve even watched him on Celebrity Apprentice. He was nice, laid back, and professional. Since Nikki is doing all the shit-talking, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Nikki iss thhe prrobblemm.

Alex advice: Shut up, play your music, do the tour, stop creating all this drama.

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