Mötley Crüe blames Poison tour on fans

Instead of keeping his mouth shut and just focusing on being positive, Nikki Sixx keeps stirring the pot about the Poison tour:

When the concept to do something this summer came up, the economy is in such a bad state that we were going, ‘How can we do something that is different and the fans feel like they’re getting a bang for their buck?’ We loved the idea of the New York Dolls, so it was a matter of filling in the blank. Fans were really pushing for Poison, and we were like, [they] were something that happened after us [in the ’80s]. It wasn’t really what I or the band wanted to do, but you have to listen to the fans and we’re really engaged with the fans. I talked to Bret [Michaels] and said, do you still believe in rock ‘n’ roll? And he said, ‘I live and breathe it.’ It will be a great night of hits.

Read full interview here.

Let me translate: Mötley Crüe didn’t want to tour with Poison, but times are tough and they need to sell tickets, so fans wanted Poison and they had to cater to them and the financial prospects. But now that it’s happening, they will just blame it on the fans instead of taking full credit for their business decision.

Why don’t musicians just shut up and focus on the music? If fans wanted Poison, simply stop talking about it and do your thing.

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