Lombardo got a new tattoo

If you were present at the Swedish Big Four gig and wondered why no one in Slayer was around for the “Big Four” jam, Lombardo has an answer for you. He was too busy getting a tattoo. No time to worry about fans or anything.

I’ve been to their first jam (pictured above) and it was magical. When I told people what I’ve witnessed, they were envious as shit. To see how Slayer are less and less involved in that is really disappointing. Megadeth and Metallica put their feud aside and Slayer simply can’t be bothered to join in.

I know, I know, there’s always an excuse. Tattoos, traveling arrangements, blah blah… People pay good money to see all four bands live. That jam at the end should be between all four bands — hence the name THE BIG FOUR.

Here’s my message to Dave and the rest of Slayer: The tattoo is pretty cool, Dave. Your disappointing thousands of fans hoping to see all four bands on that stage together — uncool.

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