Jag Panzer is done

Just four months after Mark Briody spoke to us about albums and touring plans, he has announced that his band cannot ‘move forward.’

We are proud of every album we released and the support we’ve received from the heavy metal community.  We’ve played so many places around the world and enjoyed every minute of it but the time has come where we just cannot move forward as a band.

Well, you know, I was never a Jag Panzer fan, but I do remember reading that interview he did with Chris and thinking he had such an positive outlook on his career. Pretty surprised to find out all of that has changed in a matter of months.

But hey, life moves on, hopefully these guys will keep making music — one way or another.

I just can’t help but think how unfair this is.  Jag Panzer – over. Linkin Park – still going strong.


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