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Hey guys, whatcha doing? Having a good day? Well, I’m here to ruin it make it even better for you. Five Finger Death Punch have a new song out! Aren’t you super excited? Well, then you’re going to go crazy over a new P.O.D. track! But wait, there’s more — some guys from Deftones met some guys from Far and made some completely new atrocity. The only reason “new” in the title isn’t “nu” is because I’ve managed to balance things out by finding a new Opeth song, and a surprise track by another band. Ooooo, which one is it?

Make the jump and find out.

First off, “5FDP,” beeyach. You better make the jump or they’ll get into a fistfight with someone. Or make a shitty musical attack. Nonetheless, Under And Over It they are:


Then, a surprise track by none other than All Shall Perish. I’ve never listened to these guys and I feel to lazy to start now, so tell me what the song’s like, so I can be elitist on this site the next time I write about them. Song’s called There Is Nothing Left.


Feel free to skip this one, because it’s a new P.O.D. track. I didn’t know those guys were still alive, and neither should you. In case awful rhyming to mediocre rock beatz is yo’ thang, go to their website and download the new song, On Fire.

You can hear a preview of a new Opeth song here. My guess is that a preview of an Opeth song is probably something around 5 minutes long, so you’ll definitely be able to enjoy it and judge it.

The next project blew my mind. I would have never expected that a band that has Chino Moreno on vocals would sound watered down and have moans instead of vocals, so Crosses totally blew my mind. It’s like, moaning on a whole new level. Here’s a preview of the song, which doesn’t have a title (nor a band name), just †††. Makes me want to smear poop on my face to wash down the “artsiness” of the video.

Bonus round: another surprise, August Burns Red also have a new video for Internal Cannon. It takes up so much space I had to leave it for the end.

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