Die! Once more, Die!

Our friends Die, from Denmark, are planning to hit the studio for their second album in fall of 2011. If you ask me, this is absolutely great news. Their debut album, Rise Of The Rotten, didn’t just get a very positive review from me, it was definitely one of the greatest Death Metal albums of 2010.

To quote myself from that very review, I said that “I can’t wait to hear what these guys have planned for their second album” and it seems like I’m about to find out next year. Read this following press-release for more info:

DIE is currently working on their second album which has yet to be named.
They are planning on entering the studio in the fall of 2011 and are aiming for a spring/summer 2012 release.
Just as their last effort ‘Rise of the Rotten’ the album will be released by legendary brutal death metal label Unique Leader Records.
The band will be handling all recording themselves and a producer is yet to be decided upon.

As recordings begin a video diary will be filmed so stay tuned for more brutality.”

Sounds great to me. Now, if you tell me that you aren’t familiar with Die, shame on you! Read our interview with Die’s vocalist Søren Christensen, get Rise Of The Rotten, bang your fucking head and prepare to look forward to this upcoming, second album as much as I do.

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