Arch Enemy interview

God I hate Sundays. The day of rest? The day of boredom, more like. Being a full blown Satanist (I kid, I kid) means I also hate the religious connections that link to Sunday, as a day of worship. I guess I could sacrifice a goat or two, but that gets boring too after a while.

By now, assuming you’re still reading and haven’t got bored, you’re probably wondering what my little opening rant has to do with an Arch Enemy interview. Well, nothing to be honest. It’s just that Sunday is also a boring day for Metal news and I just hate this fucking day.

Arch Enemy were recently interviewed by CraveMetal.com. Who cares though? Yawn. If you’re really, really, really bored, then check out the interview in the video above. Otherwise, just go ahead and wait for the awesome Weak Recap to make your Sunday a better one.

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