Andreas Kisser kisses the Big Four

Scott Ian is a dad, so Sepultura‘s Andreas Kisser filled in for him on a bunch of shows. What does he think of the whole experience? Let’s just say he’s probably as excited as Ian’s son.

It was amazing. Anthrax… I mean, all the four bands here are the DNA of my guitar playing. I started listening to them, the heavier music, and I wanted to play the same. They were my teachers. And to be here, it’s just… I don’t think even a dream. I [couldn’t have] dreamt something like that to happen. And the good thing is it’s a very positive situation. Scott is not sick, [he doesn’t have a] a broken arm or something like that. It’s very, very positive. It couldn’t be better. So I’m very honored to be here, by these guys, and jam. We’re having fun.

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I have to agree with him. He’s in an awesome situation. Scott is just taking time for his family so the vibe within the band is very positive, unlike the vibe of a band who just lost a member or stuff like that. Must be pretty awesome.

Photo credit: Caio Paganotti

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