Slayer is too metal. Technology can’t keep up.

The only thing more metal than Slayer is Dose Of Metal. And we love Slayer, so it’s a vicious circle of metal badassery that just fucks your shit up and makes your year be awesome.

Now the sentence above may not make sense at all, and I get that, I didn’t do too well in school… But the point is… Slayer is metal, and no device in the world is able to cope with that.

With that in mind, is it really a surprise that their P.A. went out during a Brazilian gig, while playing War Ensemble? No it isn’t. How much metal can one P.A. really handle?

Fortunately for the crowd, Tom Araya isn’t Justin Bieber or Ashlee Simpson, so instead of crying like a little bitch, he just kept rocking and helping the crowd sing the rest. This band rules. If you disagree, you fail at life.

Vid under the cut.

The incident happens at 4:52, but watch the whole thing because it kicks ass.

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