Gus and Zakk, sitting in a tree…

I usually don’t like posting photos of bad quality on this site, as they ugly it up, but that moment above was way too precious not to use. Aww…

So… Ozzy‘s new guitarist, Gus G., finally met the guy he replaced: Zakk Wylde. That’s pretty much all you need to know. Dave, if you’re reading this, see? You don’t have to hate your replacement if you were fired before he joined your band.

This is what Gus said last year:

No. I haven’t met Zakk, I didn’t contact him. I’ve read all the stuff that he has said about me in the press, and that was very nice of him and that really means a lot to me because if one of my all-time favorite guitar heroes is giving me the thumbs up only gives me more confidence.

So he was a fan and Zakk encouraged him in the press. You know, we gave Zakk a hard time for not showering, but dude seems to be pretty polite and friendly. Unlike other guitarists/vocalists we could mention.

Make the jump for a lot of vids of Zakk talking about his gear and guitar playing.

Source: Blabbermouth

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