You only live once, right?

Suicide Silence

Much can be said of Suicide Silence, the real question is if anything good would be among those things. Well, let’s take a quick look: deathcore therefore easy to take stabs at – check; looks meant for easy jokes – check. I mean, seriously, put a shirt on. But what about the music? Don’t look at me, I’m superficial and judge people only by their looks.

All kidding aside, I’ve heard a few things by them before and I wasn’t overtly impressed, so I had a hard time giving their new song a chance (especially because you have to “like” them on Facebook in order to do so), but boredom combined with slow internet (therefore no porn :'( ) prevailed and I clicked the button. What can I say, you only live once (which is also the name of the track… genius), and the song is actually not that bad. Well, it actually sounds like a song as opposed to a random combination of 23 breakdowns. So if you’re also bored and can’t watch porn at the moment, go here and give the song a listen.

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