Ultimate Dio collection heading your way

It wasn’t that long ago that I reviewed The Collection by Dio, which I gave a brilliant 4 and a half skulls out of 5. Don’t ask me how you can get half a skull though, I’ve never seen anyone cut a skull in half before, but I somehow managed to do it for this review. One of  the reasons I gave it half a skull shy of a full 5, however, was that I would have liked to have a full collection of all of Ronnie James Dios music, and not just a collection limited to his solo material.

Lucky me then, and lucky you, because as Metal Hammer have reported, a double-disc compilation that spans the entire career of the late Ronnie James Dio has been announced for release in June. I’m literally jumping for joy, although that may also have something to do with the pube lice I’ve caught. Check out the awesome tracklisting after the jump.

CD One:

1. Carolina County Ball (Elf)
2. Love Is All (Ronnie James Dio)
3. The Temple Of The King (Rainbow)
4. Catch The Rainbow (Rainbow)
5. Stargazer (Rainbow)
6. Run With The Wolf (Rainbow)
7. Kill The King (Rainbow)
8. Long Live Rock ‘N’ Roll (Rainbow)
9. Lady Of The Lake (Rainbow)
10. Gates Of Babylon (Rainbow)
11. Die Young (Black Sabbath)
12. Heaven And Hell (Black Sabbath)
13. Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath)

CD Two:

1. The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath)
2. Voodoo (Black Sabbath)
3. Country Girl (Black Sabbath)
4. Holy Diver (Dio)
5. Rainbow In The Dark (Dio)
6. We Rock (Dio)
7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Children (Dio)
8. All The Fools Sailed Away (Dio)
9. I (Black Sabbath)
10. Push (Dio)
11. One More For The Road (Dio)
12. Shadow Of The Wind (Black Sabbath)
13. Neon Knights (Heaven & Hell)
14. Bible Black (Heaven & Hell)


Source: Metal Hammer

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