Tuesday Trivia: Playing break-up

The picture you see above is of a band called Nihilist, a Death Metal band from Sweden that formed in 1987. The four guys on the right are most famously known for being the original bandmembers of Entombed and the guy on the left is Johnny Hedlund, bassist and vocalist of Unleashed.

Nihilist broke up in 1989, but not without controversy. What the hell am I talking about? Well, make the jump to find out and read this week’s Tuesday Trivia.

Nihilist was formed in 1987 and during their 2 year tenure they featured L-G Petrov (vocals), Alex Hellid (guitars), Uffe Cederlund (guitars), Johnny Hedlund (bass), Nicke Andersson (drums) and at some time Leif Cuzner (guitars), who was replaced by Cederlund.

They released three demos under the Nihilist name. Premature Autopsy (1988), Only Shreds Remain (1989) and Drowned (1989).

Some time in 1989, just after the band finished recording Drowned, differences between Hedlund and the rest of the band were at an all-time high. Instead of forcing Hedlund out of the band, the band broke up — just to reunite, obviously without Hedlund, just a few days later under a new name.

The band was now called Entombed and used the exact same font of the Nihilist logo as the new Entombed logo. Johnny Hedlund went on to form Unleashed. Both bands went on to become two of the most popular and important bands of the Swedish Death metal scene.

Nihilist weren’t the only band to “stage” a break-up. There once was a band called Inearthed, formed in 1993 in Finland. The band recorded three demos until their “break-up.” Implosion of Heaven (1994), Ubiguitous Absence of Remission (1995) and Shining (1996).

In 1997, the band signed their first record deal with a small Belgian label, called Shiver Records, and started recording their debut album Something Wild. Before the album was finished, the band was contacted by Spinefarm Records who wanted to sign the band. Inearthed were extremely disappointed with the deal they had already signed, so to be able to sign to Spinefarm Records, they staged a break-up of Inearthed and then formed a band called Children of Bodom.

Children of Bodom then signed to Spinefarm Records and re-recorded Something Wild, which was released later in 1997.

To end this edition of Tuesday Trivia properly, here’s ‘Talking Of The Trees (Sanctuary)’ by Inearthed, off their demo Shining.

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