Decapitated are back

Fucking brilliant news. Yeah, I know, you’re all going to tell me that Decapitated never actually went away, aren’t you? I have to be honest though, after the tragic death of drummer Vitek, I kind of lost touch of what these guys were up to I regret to say.

So what are the Death Metal masterminds up to? Well, according to Blabbermouth, the band are back and have been working on a brand new album. The album is called Carnival Is Forever and is due for release on July 12th. The tracklisting can be found after the jump.

And now listen to ‘Spheres of Madness’ to remember why these guys kick so much ass!

01. The Knife
02. United
03. Carnival Is Forever
04. Homo Sum
05. 404
06. A View From A Hole
07. Pest
08. Silence

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