14 minutes and 41 seconds of fame

What you have a chance to see right now is Vegan Black Metal Chef. Yes, this guy’s into black metal and he’s also vegan. So he combined his love for cooking and his love for makeup “brutal” “music.” Yeah, the blood he uses when he goes heavy on the corspe paint is 100% organic ketchup. Not black metal enough, because we all know black metalheads only use fresh lamb blood, but we’ll let this one slide for the lulz. The video just went over 500.000 (half a million for you slow people) views, so it’s officially viral, and trendwhores we are, we have to report on it.

I’ll be honest — I actually laughed, especially when he pulled out the knife to cut the tofu, but soon after that I lost interest. Why? Well, the clip is almost 15 minutes long, which is 13.5 minutes too long. Not that I don’t love me some black metal, and I see this picking up some followers, even though it’s just a metal (good) but very cheaper (bad) version of Epic Meal Time. Epic on the internet isn’t equal to epic in the hobbit land, which this guy clearly confused, and I honestly don’t see this working for other than one or two more episodes. But who knows, he could do guests. Celebrity Vegan Black Metal Chef with Immortal, sounds good, right? Not to mention it would also be the first time they (Immortal) would appear in a decent quality video.

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