Tuesday Trivia: The most listened to metal band ever


First of all, iPods don’t have any commercials with metalheads, so blame Apple, not me. Anyway, in his Weak Recap a few weeks back, Guido joked stated that we are super-awesome. Something like the super-heroes of metal. And no, not that Kiss movie… Lulz.

He was right, though — we’re all-knowing, and tonight only, I’m dropping knowledge and revealing the metal’s best kept secret – which metal band is the most played one ever. Hurry, make the jump.

Let me be boring before I reveal the secret. The fact that a metal band is the most played band ever leads to several questions which can be seen as a paradox. If a heavy metal band is overplayed and becomes mega popular, chances are, they’re not playing metal. Look, I even made an awesome graph which shows the average metal band pussying out cutting their hair becoming famous, and it’s relation to other radio acts and music in general.

Awesome graph

Awesome graph

Note how Nickelback are constantly shit and successful, and how AC/DC are constantly good and successful. But let’s go to the main course. Drum roll, please.

Booya, the most played metal band ever is… METALLICA. How did I get this marvelous piece of information? By going through last.fm‘s top artists statistics, and looking for the first metal act. At last.fm’s all time top played bands list, they ranked pretty high (#6).

Feel cheated? Feel angry? Well, that dick in my graph was just for you. But let’s be serious for a second, there is no real way of ever finding this stuff out (and my post title is pretty ambiguous for a reason, I never said radio plays, albums sales or all plays ever combined), but it can be a decent source: it is uncensored for one, and in 2011 it can provide a general reflection of the trends when it comes to music. I’d trust them over album sales anyway (you know, because last.fm doesn’t ask if you downloaded the album when you scrobble it) or radio stations playing whatever they’re told to play.

Now, about the list. Since last.fm makes it pretty hard to browse the top bands (or at least I’m too stupid to figure out where it is), I just googled for it and found this list. It dates back to September 6 2010, so it’s pretty fresh. If you happen to have an official link, feel free to make fun of me in the comments.

A few other “notable” acts from the Top 50 include (take metal with the grain of salt, or just go and see the list for yourself and include what you want in it): System of a Down (#9) (and don’t say a word, it could have been worse, like I don’t know… including Linkin Park (#8)), Rammstein (#20), Iron Maiden (#23), Nightwish (#36)… Wait a second, who the hell listens to Nightwish?, Tool (#39), and Korn (#48).

Go check the entire list, then come back and tell me what you thought about it. Any surprises? I for one didn’t know Nightwish even existed, let alone ranked this high, but I didn’t know how to compile this list myself, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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