Tuesday Trivia: Of skulls and bones

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It’s Tuesday Trivia, almost Wednesday edition. So what do I have for you today?

Bones. Are they metal? Well, if you’re over 70, chances are that yes, they are, but we’re talking imagery here. If the most awesome site on the internet has a skull for a mascot (he’s called Bob by the way), and one of the most amazing writers has a skull sitting on his work desk (thanks Guido), it’s fair we I make an article about it. And it’s fair you make the jump.

Stating that skulls are something connected to metal is like stating something like “skulls are connected to metal.” The leg bone connected to the foot bone.

Basically, it goes back to the roots of metal, the imagery of the early bands (you know, Eddie on Iron Maiden’s first album cover and Ozzy on Black Sabbath’s; even though neither are actual skulls… Except for Ozzy maybe) and the eventual dark imagery majority of the bands have taken upon.

Well, I’m not hear to teach you about the history of metal (except of course, when I am), I’m here to show you trivia (except, of course, when I don’t).

If you google look up do some investigative journalism work regarding the subject of metal places you can find on Earth, one will pop up and it surely pops out.

Sedlec Ossuary. Metal.

That right there is my next chandelier. I’m kidding, but that is an actual chandelier made of actual human bones, in (can you guess it?) a Catholic chapel in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic.

The history of the place (and Wikipedia) tells us that due to overpopulation of the local graveyard during the Black Death (which also sounds metal as fuck) the ossuary had to take more people than originally planned. The artistic arrangements came later.

You can read more about it one the official website (or the links I provided earlier). And finally, a tradition of posting tidbits of info whenever I can to justify the trivia title, it has influenced Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses. The only thing I’m not sure now is if I’ve just added, or deducted metal from it.

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