Spotlight: Titans Eve, Yggdrasil, Wormrot

You don’t want to be in the spotlight when these guys above are after you but other people deserve to be in the spotlight and that’s why we’re reviewing albums by artists who contacted us via our ‘Your Band’ form. Are you in a band? Do you want to be featured on our site? Click the link and contact us.

Not all artists, featured in the spotlight category, contacted us themselves. Some albums were sent to us via their label or PR agents but that doesn’t lessen your chance. We don’t care who writes to us, we will listen to everything with an open ear. Sometimes even with two.

This week, one album was listenable, one album blew me away and one album surprised me. Make the jump to find out which of these statements fit which band.

Titans Eve – The Divine Equal

Before I listened to this album, I checked out the artwork and holy crap, it sucks. So, I was kind of hesitant to listen to it but then I did listen to it and holy crap, this is awesome. The new wave of Thrash Metal bands died down soon after bands like Evile, Skeletonwitch or Warbringer made their first impressions. Sad but true. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any great new Thrash bands out there. Titans Eve prove my point. ‘The Divine Equal’ at first sounds like an Evile album, especially the vocals, but as soon as it gets really started, you’re like “Evile? Who?”. The band are at their strongest during the melodic parts and sometimes you just get the jamming vibe. A prime example of what I mean is ‘Into The Fire.’ My favorite song off this album has to be ‘Nightfall’ though. A song that sounds like a cross of 3 Inches of Blood and Machine Head. This band understands how to play Thrash Metal and not make it sound dated. Great.


Yggdrasil – Irrbloss

First things first. Which Yggdrasil am I reviewing? To my knowledge, there are at least five bands who use this name. But there’s only one Folk Metal band from Sweden who use it and I’m reviewing this one and their latest album ‘Irrbloss.’ This band doesn’t play happy Folk Metal, á la Alestorm, or get-drunk Folk Metal, á la Korpiklaani, though. The overall sound of this album is black. Black as in Black Metal. The band found a nice middle road between folkish chants and melodies and extreme Black Metal, with this album. I do like some Folk and some Black Metal bands but I don’t like said genres too much, to really enjoy this album. If you do enjoy these genres, you should definitely give Yggdrasil a listen though.


Wormrot – Dirge

Before I write my short review of this album, I want to let you know that you can get this album for free right here. Now that that’s sorted out, let’s get it on. I’ve heard of Wormrot before but wasn’t really interested enough to listen to more of them. I’ve reviewed Earache’s ‘New Noise Attack’ a while ago and it featured one of their songs. And… well, I didn’t like it. Now, that I’ve heard the entire album, I can savely say that you have to listen to ‘Dirge’ in it’s entirety to really enjoy it. This album is so much fun, it’s incredible. You get 25 songs that overall only last 18 minutes, with two songs barely making the 5 second mark. But you’re getting some of the best Grindcore in for-fucking-ever. Punky riffs, unintelligible vocals, great drumming, sometimes even some groove. This album is a must-listen-to for people who enjoy early Napalm Death.


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