Spotlight: Dibbukim, Auternus, The Heathen Collective

If your audience is as big as the one above, then you really don’t need any more exposure but some bands do need exposure and some of them are extremely talented and even deserve that exposure. I’ve used the word “exposure” pretty often already, huh? Overexposure? Ha, I’m so funny.

So we’re here to give exposure (ha) to talented bands (and some not so talented) because we, at Dose of Metal, just like to support the underground. As cheesy as it may sound, it’s extremely important to keep supporting new metal bands because in 50 years, right after AC/DC retired, we may not have a new AC/DC. So, go to shows of up and coming bands and support them by buying their music and merchandise. It’s only fair.

To get back to my point, we try to do our bit by reviewing albums of “overlooked” bands. Some of those contacted us via our form, some have been submitted by other people. Make the jump to do your bit, by reading and then listening to those bands.

Dibbukim – Az a Foygl un a Goylem Tantsn

To be honest, it’s pretty hard following this positive intro with this album. First off, I want to tell you a bit about the band. These three guys and one girl, are from Sweden. Sounds good so far. They play Folk Metal. Alright, not bad. They sing in Yiddish and perform traditional Yiddish folk songs and combine them with Metal. What the fuck? To set things straight right from the start, I don’t have anything against Jewish people. Really, I don’t. I like Scott Ian. But this is just utter garbage. Maybe I just don’t really feel it because I’m not Jewish but we Atheists don’t have any traditional songs. Maybe except for Slayer. So when I listened to this album, I couldn’t stop wondering if they are for real. I mean, this can’t be serious. Musically, the band isn’t even that bad. They do know how to play their instruments. It’s only that the stuff they are playing, even though performed well, sucks. The weird ass vocals are very prominent in the mix and I actually started laughing out loud whenever I could sit straight to listen to an entire song. It’s so bad that I actually feel bad for the band. I’ve never felt bad for a band before. I’ve disliked about a billion bands but never felt bad for one. Sorry, but this just really, really shit.


Auternus – Dissonant Sea

Oh god, not another crap album please. Good thing Auternus, from Kansas City, Missouri, aren’t crap. They’re just extremely boring. What is interesting to me is that a band from Missouri sounds like a certain Post Metal band from Sweden (*cough*Cult of Luna*cough*), or more like tries very fucking hard to sound like that particular band but fails just as hard as it tried. The music wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t just repeated for minutes. It doesn’t sound atmospheric, no, just boring. That’s all I have to say about this album.


The Heathen Collective – Illuminated

The picture on the right is actually the only picture I could find for this band. ‘Illuminated’ is a demo and, I guess, it doesn’t have a cover (feel free to correct me, if I’m wrong). Or maybe it does, and I’m just too stupid to find it. Fuck me, I found it. One way or another, this band is great. Really great. Thank fuck after these two failures above. The Heathen Collective play a mixture of melodic Hardcore (not Emo, fuck you) and, at times, Death Metal. It’s really interesting and just puts you into your chair and makes you listen. It does include hints to Post Metal but overall, this is just very good music. These guys just need some polishing and they could really make it big. Check them out!


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