Interview: Kirk Windstein (Crowbar, Down, Kingdom of Sorrow)

Kirk Weindstein (Crowbar, Down, Kingdom of Sorrow)

Kirk Windstein is a man of many talents, but not a man of many words. He plays in three awesome bands, and he got to be interviewed by an awesome site. In case you didn’t figure it out by the post title and the previous sentence, he was interviewed by us. And in case you didn’t figure it out by everything and anything written by us, we’re awesome.

Yours truly got a chance to do a quick chat with him, so make the jump and read it. How quick was it? Well, you’ll realize what I meant by “not a man of many words” shortly after you start reading it. Which won’t take much, because the entire interview could fit a tweet and a half. Maybe Kirk’s become eco conscious, and he’s saving bytes? What do I know… Just make the jump already.

Kirk Weindstein

Dose of Metal: Crowbar just released a new album. Tell us something about it. Is it any good?

Kirk Windstein: It sucks!!! Hahaaa.

DoM: I’m kidding. I listened to it and it sounds really great. One thing that caught my attention, the album has sort of a positive side to it. Am I onto something, or should I pay more attention to lyrics?

KW: I’m a positive guy. The lyrics are no different than what I wrote about in the past!

DoM: You’ve got a pretty busy year ahead of you: touring with Crowbar, then touring with Down. You’ve had one album come out last year with Kingdom of Sorrow, one just came out with Crowbar, and the one with Down is up ahead. Are you the metal version of Superman? How do you do it?

KW: This is all I know. I love being in 3 great bands, I’m very blessed.

DoM: An easy one: If you could jam with a band for a night, any band in the world, any time-frame of their existence, which would it be?

KW: Thin Lizzy.

DoM: A hard one: If you had to stick with one band only, which would it be?

KW: Crowbar.

DoM: What do you do when you’re not playing in awesome bands anyway?

KW: I try to be a regular guy, a father, husband, house cleaner etc.

DoM: Have you ever played “Half Life,” the video game?

KW: No.

DoM: You’ve quit drinking last year. The only logical question we could think of: What’s your favorite brand of beer?

KW: Coors Light!!!!!!!!!!

DoM: But seriously now, when metal musicians get sober, they’re usually too burned out by that moment, and the music starts to suffer. Crowbar on the other hand crushes with the new album. But let’s spin this around, if that had not been the case, what would you prefer: being happy and getting shit from 13 year olds on the internet, or making great music and feeling like crap?

KW: I want to make great music, and feel good!

DoM: Speaking of internet and 13 year olds, it has definitely erased some borders between bands and fans, interaction is much easier today. But it’s not nice always. Do you ever read comments on articles about the bands you’re in? What’s the “best” comment you’ve ever read about yourself or the band?

KW: I do read reviews etc., the best stuff I’ve ever heard is people telling me that their lives have been saved by my music.

DoM: Which one is your favorite Spice Girl?

KW: Scary.

DoM: On a scale of 8 – 10, how awesome is our website?

KW: 10.

DoM: Finally, I noticed it’s been exactly six years between the last Crowbar album and this one. Are we going to wait until February 8, 2017 for the next one?

KW: Hell no!!! Hahaaa.

DoM: One last message to our readers and your fans.

KW: Thanks for all of the support over the years, y’all make it all worthwile.

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