Going retro: Here are a few music videos


Music videos are so out. That’s sort of a good thing because it means people are moving away from watching TV (and shifting to playing FarmVille, but nothing’s perfect). Well, here at Dose of Metal we decided to try and revive your interest in them by looking for the only ones best ones that have just appeared online.

Put on your vintage coats, make the jump and get reminded of the lost art of music videos with these four I dug out.

Kvelertak have a video for “Ordsmedar av Rang.” Try saying that really fast five times. It’s a performance video shot at some live show, which is kinda cheap, but gets them extra points in our book.

Turisas, A Finish “battle metal” band (does this mean they won some battle of the bands thing?) have a video out for “Stand Up And Fight” (guess they take their battling seriously). It is inspired by Mad Max, so it gets them a few points because of the “future retro” touch, and it is the only video that can’t be embedded. Very retro. You can watch it here.

Impious got some cash from their label as well, and the result is “I Am The King.” They’re the most metal out of the bunch, which goes against my hipster wannabe article, but it’s sort of old school so it gets a pass.

…And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, a band I know by absolutely nothing, also have a video for “Summer Of All Dead Souls.” They win this round hands down, because not only is their video retro because it is simply a video, it is also done in style of old black and white movies. Meta.

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