Friday Top 10: Best metal songs of all time

Yes, that’s right! We’re doing it. This Friday’s Top 10 is all about metal… But not just any metal… The best metal songs of all time.

After weeks of deliberation, this is what we came up with and I think you’ll be pretty satisfied with the list.

So what are you waiting for? Make the jump… Now.

#10 – Metallica – Invisible Kid

This song features all the trademark features of Thrash Metal. The vocals remind one of Iron Maiden when they still had their superior singer Blaze Baley. The instrumental on the other hand is something Maiden could never pull off. Awesome.

#9 – Metallica – St. Anger

The title track of one of the most influential albums of all time doesn’t even need a solo. The instrumental of this song is so complex, it’s like one 7-minute solo, only with vocals on top.  The overall concept of “Saint Anger” is brilliant and Lars Ulrich hits the drums like he never did before, showing all Death Metal drummers, who tried to copy his sound, how it’s really done. Awesome.

#8 – Metallica – All Within My Hands

This song shows what Kirk Hammett is really capable of, cementing his place among the best guitarists of all time. Seriously, try to play this song. It reeks of complexity and love for experiments. Hetfield once again shows off his unmatched talent with both the lyrics and his vocals. Awesome.

#7 – Metallica – Dirty Window

I’m still amazed by the lyrics each time I listen to this song. It tells the story of James Hetfield who one day sat in his living room and tried to look out of the window but it was too dirty to look through, so he tried to clean it with fuel, fire and everything he desired but he couldn’t because it was cursed by the devil himself. The rest of the lyrics deal with the epic battle between Hetfield and Mr. Clean on the one side and the devil and dirt on the other side. Awesome.

#6 – Metallica – Purify

‘Purify’ is a prime example of everything metal has to offer. Be it the thrashy intro, the grindcore-like drumming or the almost operatic sounding vocals. Awesome.

#5 – Metallica – My World

Just awesome.

#4 – Metallica – Sweet Amber

Metallica once again prove that they’re the masters, no matter of which genre, with this song. The country-like intro still amazes me to this day. I mean, how can a guitarist go from a beautiful intro to relentless shredding like this? Within only seconds! This is… awesome.

#3 – Metallica – Shoot Me Again

“Shoot me again, I ain’t dead yet” how badass is that? This is the talk of someone who can’t be killed, simply because Metallica are immortal. Awesome.

#2 – Metallica – Frantic

The lyrics of this song inspired millions of people all around the world. The message of this song is so strong and uplifting, it rivals every writer ever. I’ve never felt so good just because of a song ever before. This song helped through a lot of hard times in my live and I’m sure a lot of people feel just like me about this. Awesome.

#1 – Metallica – Crush ‘Em

Yes, this is it, folks. The best metal songs of all time.

You’re probably wondering why we picked this one as our first. Well, couple of reasons. First of all, we love the Megadeath vibe to it. James chose to adopt a nasal voice, reminiscent of Mustaine, so that’s always a plus. Plus, the touch of NIN/industrial on the instrumental is golden. This song is just perfect, and who can’t relate to the lyrics? Awesome.

There you have it! The absolute best metal songs of all time! Check out our Top 10 from last week, “Top 10 Ugliest Guitars,” and don’t forget, next Friday we’ll tackle the best looking guitars out there, so stay tuned for that…

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