Four new music videos

I admit it. I suck at coming up with headlines but “Four new music videos” just perfectly explains what this article is all about.

Personally, I’m not a big fan of music videos. If I wanted to watch a film, I’d watch The Social Network but I don’t watch that film because it would depress me too much, considering this site didn’t make me a millionaire and an asshole yet. Well, maybe I don’t need help with the asshole part. My point is, if I want to listen to music, I do listen to music. I don’t need YouTube for that, unless I want to hear my favorite music in shit quality.

But anyhow, I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who like music videos, and I’ve already posted about a music video earlier today, so fuck it.

After the jump, you can watch new music videos by Yggdrasil, who I included in my latest Spotlight article yesterday, Impious, the Canadian 3 Inches Of Blood and Detonation. Have fun!

Yggdrasil – Bergtagen

Detonation – Washing Away The Blood

Impious – I Am The King

3 Inches Of Blood – 12:34

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