Arch Enemy is (not) a female fronted band

Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)

Which confirms my thoughts that Angela Gossow is in fact a guy. Just kidding lolz, but she did have a say on the whole thing, and here it is:

“What does it mean? That the singer has tits! [Laughs] It doesn’t say anything about the music, or the quality of the musicianship, and that’s something that we’ve always tried to sail around and avoid. It’s a bad thing for us, and other bands go well with it and it’s okay if they’re comfortable with it, but we’re not a ‘female-fronted’ band. We’re an extreme metal band, and that’s all I want us to be remembered as.”

Okay, I agree to the message she’s trying to put out, dumb labels are dumb, but let’s get this straight, if you’re a chick fronting a band, you’re by basic logic a “female fronted band.” You might be extreme, you might be great, you might be shit, but unless you whip out your dick anytime soon, Angela, your band is female fronted.

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