Tuesday Trivia: Killing in the name of…

Killing in the name of

So, what do you get when you combine Metallica and Linkin Park? St. Anger? Kind of, but not what I’m talking about. Summer Sanitarium tour 2003? Well, that happened, but again, not the point of this article. What exactly is the point of this article?

Actually, this piece of trivia doesn’t have a direct correlation between the two. There’s a third party involved which is the bond. I know you’re interested, well read on.

To be completely honest, I had no idea what to write for this week’s Tuesday Trivia. I know you’ll argue that by doing that I’m keeping the tradition of every article I’ve written since the first one, but… Well, can’t really argue with that one.

So, having been left with nothing but a blank screen, what do I do? Well, go over the previous articles and see which dead horse I could beat some more. And I chose the Heavy metal shootout one. Hey, dead horse, dead people, it works, right?

Since the subject matter is pretty broad, I decided to keep some in reserve for future trivia, and detail on just one case for this one.

And finally, the connection., the trivia, and the cheap jokes: Serial killers. I know you’re probably trying to spit at the monitor and curse my name now, because the theme’s been covered in heavy metal only since Slayer first formed, but bear with me. I’m not talking about heavy metal being influenced by serial killers, I’m talking about serial killers being influenced by heavy metal. Or in this case, just one guy.

Richard Paul White, the notorious killer from Colorado (so notorious I’ve never heard of him) found inspiration in two bands: Metallica and Linkin Park. Now you see why I chose him, ha?

This is what he said about who exactly inspired him:

Metallica probably the most,” he said.

Okay, sensational post title aside, if Metallica influenced this guy in anything other than internet forum debates, guy’s clearly a looney (which he was), but this is where the fun starts:

“I would listen, actually, to Linkin Park before I would kill,” White said. “And, while I was killing usually that music Linkin Park was on.”

Hahaha. Yeah, I know it’s cheap, but… I listened to Linkin Park once, and I got the urge to kill. Myself actually, so maybe this guy just had a bigger survival instinct? I mean, who could blame him. And now I can go back and make fun of Metallica as well. Maybe he was on nu metal kick, so he listened to St. Anger to warm up? Continued with Limp Bizkit, but only after listening to Linkin Park, he got so pissed of he’d kill people.

Who knows? One thing I know, is you’ll get a proper serial killer/heavy metal/sensationalist/weak Tuesday Trivia post soon. Keep your eye out on Tuesday Trivia (and keep your ear out of Linkin Park. Or the other way around).

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