Spotlight: Cerebral Bore, Oceano, Hour of 13

It’s time for another edition of Spotlight. It’s time to review music so you know what to buy and what to steal to light it on fire. This week we’re going for already signed bands but fear not! If you want us to review your music, hit us up via the ‘Your Band’ form. We’ll answer your email as soon as we can but we’re busy guys. It’s not easy being metal, it’s a lot of fucking work.

Now make the jump for 3 reviews of Brutal Death Metal, Deathcore and Doom Metal bands!

Cerebral Bore – Maniacal Miscreation

I have got to admit, I’m not that big into Brutal Death Metal with lots of Grindcore hints but at times, this album really surprised me. Mainly parts like the mid-part of ‘Entombed In Butchered Bodies,’ which grooves heavily and just makes you want to headbang until your head falls off. Sadly, parts like that are rare. I can’t deny their skills but what really put me off were the vocals, that mainly feature pig squeals. “Normal” death grunts are there but, just as the groovy parts, are rare.


Oceano – Contagion

I don’t like Deathcore, so this album really has to be amazing to get a good review out of me. The best thing about this album is the artwork, which was done by our friend Dusty Peterson, though. It has some interesting points and at times I really like what I’m hearing but these parts are usually destroyed by tough guy grunts. I get it, you are a tough motherfucker. Start a Hardcore band or something.


Hour of 13 – The Ritualist

Black Sabbath-like Heavy/Doom Metal. Fine riffs to smoke weed to and vocals in the vein of Ozzy Osbourne. I don’t need a new Black Sabbath album because ‘The Ritualist’ is everything I want Sabbath to sound like. This album, and especially the titletrack, are extremely atmospheric and transport you into a dark forest, full of shadows that send chills down your spine. Definitely worth a listen for fans of Sabbath’s early output.


Check back next week, when we’re having three more albums reviewed. Until then, feel free to check out this week’s releases!

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