Spotlight: Cauldron, Rival Sons, New Noise Attack

I know I plug it every week but for those of you who are knew to the site, we have a form for bands who would like to get their work reviewed here. Email us there, be patient and you might see your band on the next edition of Spotlight.

This week, just like last week, we’re going for already signed bands who either submitted the albums themselves or through their labels. Also, I’ll be reviewing Earache Records’ new sampler ‘New Noise Attack MMXI,’ that features some of their best bands. Check out this week’s Spotlight reviews after the jump.

Cauldron – Burning Fortune

This is actually not the first time I’m listening to this band. Our own Chris pointed me into their direction before we started the site. ‘Burning Fortune’ is their new offering and is it good? It is if you like great oldschool Heavy Metal, which I obviously do. The only problem I have with this band are the vocals because they’re about the weakest metal vocals I’ve ever heard and, trust me, I’ve already heard a lot of crap in my time. If I want to listen to guys who sound like a 10-year-old could beat them up, I’d listen to W.A.S.P. and, again trust me, I don’t do that. Musically they’re top notch though, so it’s actually pretty hard fairly judging the album but I’ll try anyhow.


Rival Sons – Rival Sons EP

This is awesome. Rival Sons aren’t metal, I’d call it Blues Rock but holy crap, this is awesome. Great vocals, great riffing, great solos, great drumming, great basslines, just fucking great. If you like Blues Rock, I advice you to listen to this EP because it’s a lot of fun. I don’t really have anything else to say, mainly because I’m busy enjoying this EP. Definitely check it out!


Various Artists – New Noise Attack MMXI

New Noise Attack MMXI features 14 songs of 14 Earache Records’ bands. I will not review every single song of the album but just the songs that stand out, be it positively or negatively. You can view the tracklist of the album below, with my rating of every song.
The first song that simply kicked my ass was White Wizzard’s ‘Shooting Star’. I’ve never heard of that band before but now I’ll definitely check them out. Especially the vocals are mindblowing and you can hear who influenced them the most: Iron Maiden. Can’t go wrong with that.
The next song that stood out was The Soulless – ‘Earthbound’. Extremely addicting melodic Death Metal with some -core mixed in.
The quality is mostly very high, except for when the grind bands are on. I just can’t warm up to Cerebral Bore or Wormrot. Overall it’s a really interesting mixture and most of the time I really liked what I heard. If you want to check out new bands, I strongly advice you to get this album.

01. Enforcer – Midnight Vice / Rating: 3/5
02. White Wizzard – Shooting Star / R: 5/5
03. Cauldron – All Or Nothing / R: 3.5/5
04. Hour Of 13 – Naked Star / R: 4.5/5
05. The Soulless – Earthbound / R: 4/5
06. The Browning – Standing On The Edge / R: 2.5/5
07. Woods Of Ypres – I Was Buried In Mount Pleasant Cemetery / R: 3/5
08. Wormrot – Erased Existence / R: 1.5/5
09. Oceano – Weaponized / R: 1/5
10. Cerebral Bore – The Bald Cadaver / R: 1.5/5
11. And Hell Followed With – This Night Is The Coroner’s / R: 0/5
12. Bonded By Blood – Prototype: Death Machine / R: 4/5
13. SSS – Eat Me Drink Me Burn Me / R: 4/5
14. Diamond Plate – Waste Of Life (Demo) / R: 3/5

Another edition of Spotlight is coming to an end. Don’t forget to submit your own band, if you think you’ve got what it takes.

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