Bang your head, Scotty

William Shatner as Captain Kirk

William Shatner is not only known for his role of Captain Kirk’s mask in the Halloween movie franchise. He’s pretty much not known at all, because Star Trek got a reboot and our target audience grew up listening to Linkin Park and watching Friends, the greatest sci-fi TV show of all times. Seriously, a guy like Ross would never bang Rachel in real life.

I kid (about William Shatner). He’s a cool dude, and he just got cooler in our little black book. Why? Well, he’s making a new album (and yes, he makes albums), one themed around heavy metal and space (just like Fear Factory, they make heavy metal and take a lot of space), and it’s announced members of Black Label Society, Queen and Deep Purple are involved. He will also receive an Honorary Headbanger award at the Revolver Golden Gods award. What a guy.

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