You should listen to Rush

In 1981, Rush released  their eighth studio album ‘Moving Pictures,’ which was hugely successful worldwide, making it the most commercially successful Rush album to date .  Flash-forward thirty years, ‘Moving Pictures’ will be released again on April 5th, this time it will have a 5.1 surround sound remix to as well as other little bonus features.

I’d say this album is perfect for you young ones that have no idea who Rush are.  What makes them so great, you ask?  Originality, constantly making great albums, accomplished musicians with one of the best drummers ever and you can’t forget Geddy Lee sounding like an old elderly woman. Those are a few reasons why Rush are a great band.  More importantly for metal, they probably have influenced this genre more than any other rock band (AC/DC fans, don’t get upset, your band is second or maybe Kiss? Whatever).

Check out Blabbermouth for a lot more information regarding this upcoming release.

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