Tuesday Trivia: It really whips the llama’s ass

A llama, bitches

This week’s Tuesday Trivia deals with a band, a computer program, and two animated series. You’re probably starting to figure out by the post title, but in case you’re not a geek, make the jump. And yeah, what the fuck does a llama have to do with metal? Well, DoM works in mysterious ways, just read on.

Contrary to what you might have thought, this week we’re mainly dealing with Primus. The band that’s best known to everybody by their intro for South Park (trivia #1), started by the mainman Les Claypool, is not really a band easy to define. But that can wait. Did you know that Les has also done the intro for Robot Chicken, an Adult Swim stop motion animated TV show (trivia #2). I know, it’s not really Primus, but screw you. And where was I. Oh yeah. Primus. The band that fits so many genres (alternative rock, funk metal, funk rock, experimental), that it basically doesn’t fit any genre at all. Which leads us to the llama. While the hardcore fans of the band might argue about the genre (I’m not really a fan, I’m just here to present facts with as much bias as possible), one PC application decided to ditch the drama in a really elegant way. How?

That’s right. Primus is the only band in the world which has their own genre, with their own ID3 tag identifier. Good for them. And there you have it, trivia #3. Feel cheated, because llama didn’t have much to do with metal after all? Well… Check again in a week, I promise it’s going to be really, really metal.

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