Metal Militia strikes again

Mike Starr

When I say “Metal Militia,” I actually mean cops who are busting on musicians. *queue Cops theme song*

So, we already know Paul Di’Anno will probably spend some time in prison for tax benefit frauds; last week Vince Neil started serving his 15-day sentence for DUI and speeding charges. And the latest victim of doing crimes and getting caught for it: former Alice in Chains bass player, Mike “Gangstarr” Starr. Apparently, he was caught with an illegal substance. At first we thought cops busted him with a Creed CD, but it was just unknown drugs. What will the Celebrity Rehab starr do when someone pays his $20.000 bail and he gets out? Will he appear in another season? Seriously speaking for a second, someone’s addiction isn’t anything to be laughed at, even though we’re kind of past that point already. Oh well now… Make the jump and see the mugshot.

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