Tuesday Trivia: Heavy metal shootout

Tank... It's metal, get it?

This week’s Tuesday Trivia is inspired by the recent tragic shootings in Tuscon, Arizona. When I say inspired, don’t worry, this post isn’t my manifesto on doing something similar because I watched this on TV and it made me do it. No, the voices in my head are drowned out by all the loud music I play.

By now you’ve probably figured out what I’m talking about. Bang bang.

Or not. You see, I could go on all day on how metal is an easy target to blame in cases like these, but what am I doing then? I’m actually defending it. And when I defend it, it makes it seem as if there’s something to defend. I’m not saying that 7 year olds can’t get the wrong idea when watching Cannibal Corpse videos (though it’s nothing good parenting – a nice chat or a can of whoopass – can’t fix), but 17-year olds? Please…

And it’s not like I can’t make a gazillion Rush Limbaugh jokes. It’s just that it’s too easy. I mean, the guy made a connection between a video the guy who did this shooting favorited on YouTube (A Drowning Pool song… You know, the only one everybody and their mother knows) with the shooting, and there it is, heavy metal made him do it. Nice work, Sherlock Holmes.

It’s that the media tends to (almost) glorify these acts by the amount of coverage, and I want Dose of Metal to be better than that. I guess I’m a bit too late by now, but I promise you a a Shymalan-worthy twist by the end of the article. And I might return to this topic (because I’ve invested a fair amount of work in it) at some point in the future. But for now, just let it go. And let the bodies hit the floor, let the bodies hit the floor.

So, you might be thinking, what the fuck is this article all about? And where’s the trivia, asshole?

It’s a Megadeth joke, actually. You’ve just been twisted. But seriously, for a change, let’s not talk about stupid people inspired by heavy metal. Let’s talk about heavy metal inspired by stupid people. Which side is Dave Mustaine on, you might ask. Well, both, kinda.

You’ve probably seen the video for Megadeth’s “The Right To Go Insane.” No? Me neither. But, did you know that the video is based on a real life story? Well, if you’ve watched it, then probably yes, because it says so right on the beginning of the video. In this one, Dave Mustaine takes the role of Shawn Nelson, who, in 1995, decided to steal a tank and make a mess all over San Diego. Luckily, no one was killed (see how Dose of Metal is positive unlike the filthy mainstream media?), well, no one except the guy who stole the tank (oops!), and the video is a mixture of Dave Mustaine’s top notch acting, and news stations’ footage of the event (some of which you’ve probably seen at one point of your life). Enjoy it. And think twice before you listen to the voices in your head.

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