Phil hearts Metallica

You gotta respect Phil for being consistent. And by consistent I mean totally inconsistent. Because a few years ago he was badmouthing Metallica over and over again, but now he considers them ‘The Rolling Stones of metal.’

The only band I can think of that will have longevity like that for heavy metal would be Metallica for sure. They’re The Rolling Stones of metal. They can if they want to, and I believe they do from the last I’ve seen of them, keep creating music; keep writing music together. They have a good time doing it and they have a massive fuckin’ following so why not do that very thing? said Phil while shaving his scalp.

Read full interview here.

One minute he’s all about this love, the next he’s fucking hostile. I wonder if that ever reflected on his music? ROFLMAOCOPTERLOLZ!!!11

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