A*** C*** – F*****’ A details emerge

Anal Cunt

Had problems figuring out what the post title is about? Now you feel the same way that anyone who has ever tried to decipher an Anal Cunt song felt.

But, the really bad news is that the band have a new album called Fuckin’ A coming in January. Aren’t you just counting days for it to happen? Make the jump to see the tracklist and the album cover.

01. Fuck Yeah
02. Crankin’ My Bands Demo On A Box At The Beach
03. Loudest Stereo
04. Kickin’ Your Ass And Fuckin’ Your Bitch
05. Hot Girls On The Road
06. Whiskey, Coke And Sluts
07. All I Give A Fuck About Is Sex
08. I’m Gonna Give You AIDS
09. Yay! It’s Pink!
10. I Wish My Dealer Was Open

Anal Cunt - Fuckin' A

Subtle, right?


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