Why Anselmo didn't appear at Dimebash

Last month Dimebash 2010 took place in Hollywood and rumor had it that Phil Anselmo was going to perform, he didn’t though. He was ‘sick,’ according to Blabbermouth.

Personally, I thought it was bullshit and that the rumor simply wasn’t true, but Rita Haney, Dimebag Darrell’s former Girlfriend now admited that Anselmo was indeed supposed to perform but he was seriously ill.

Apparently he and Haney finally buried the hatchet and hoped to do that publically at Dimebash, which was a success and I think, it would have been a really nice thing, especially considering that it was taped for a DVD release. Oh well, maybe next year.

Watch a video of Haney talking about Anselmo and Dimebash with Artisan News after the jump.

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