Tarja likes Christmas

Remember the original singer from Nightwish? Her name was Tarja Turunen. She was with Nightwish from 1996-2005. Nightwish actually did well in sales for a symphonic power metal band. The rest of the guys in the band didn’t care, instead fired her because she was a huge bitch. Since her departure from Nightwish, Tarja released two albums. Is her solo material any good? Does she play to more than 500 people a night? I have no idea.

I do know that she’s back touring. It’s not just any tour, it’s going to be a special Christmas tour. Tarja plans to perform in churches across Finland. She’s also bringing out a bunch of Finnish musicians who I have never heard of before.

Do you actually wanna go to this? Check out her official page to score tickets.

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