Scott Ian is still confused

Scott Ian of Anthrax is still confused as to who the singer is. Can you blame him? We lost track about 10 years ago, also… Here’s what he answered in a recent interview:

They are both such integral parts of this band. But, at this point, it doesn’t matter to me if it’s Joey or John. I’ve been doing this for so long that it just feels like Anthrax to me. The whole is greater than the individual parts.

Umm, nice save Scott. Like in middle school when you’re asked to point out Italy on a map and you don’t know, so you say something like I love the world so much it’s just hard to reduce it to a single country… The whole globe is greater than the individual countries and then the geography teacher makes you stay after class and tells you to pull your pants down for a smacking, but instead of his palm you feel a phallic object entering your… Hey, enough about my school years, let’s stay on Mr. Ian.

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