Philip Krueger and Walt Disney

Phil Anselmo of Down, Pantera and a million other bands knows his horror films. Not as much as he knows his <insert drug here> but let’s not make stupid jokes. However, his main inspiration was apparently Walt Disney. What?

Recently, he sat down with none other than horror actor Bill Moseley to talk about God knows what cause I didn’t really read the interview. I did read the first question though, and it sparked my interest (not enough to read the whole thing, though, sorry)

Believe it or not, the most influential album for me—when I was just a mere shrimp—was Walt Disney’s Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House. It was side 2. The first side is a narration. It goes into this wind and howling banshees! I kept the whole house up with it. I lived in the French Quarter, and there was music everywhere, but that one record with all the shrieks and groans was it for me. As a kid, I’d be imitating that stuff. I think that’s where I started using my voice.” — read the full interview here.

When asked if he puts on a blond wig and sings as Hannah Montana in weekends, Phil had no comment.

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