Phil is honest

Phil Anselmo’s been in a million bands, but he will always be associated mainly with Pantera, and he knows that, so he talks about them all the time.

But fair is fair, at least he’s admitting his own mistakes, unlike my ex-girlfriend who still denies doing German scheisse porn even though her (literally) shitty antics are captured on HD video and streamed on the internet. “It’s fake. It’s CGI” she said when I questioned her. “Yeah right, if by CGI you mean Cock Gagging Interaction” was my quirky answer that got me slapped in the face. I still love her though.

I said some ridiculous things in the press back in the day. I admit it. But I put myself in that position, so I’m not gonna blame anyone else. I know that everything I did yesterday is etched in stone, but it doesn’t faze me. All I can do is the right thing today. mumbled Phil.

Read more about it here.

If I can be serious for a second, Phil is not the only frontman to say a lot of ‘ridiculous things’ in the press, but he’s one of the few who will own up to it. I respect that. I wish other redheaded frontmen would stop blaming the press and start being honest.

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