Phil Anselmo to appear at Dimebash?

As we reported earlier this week and last week, Dimebash 2010 is going to be held tomorrow in West Hollywood, Carlifornia and it’s going to be filmed for a future DVD release aswell.

Slayer’s Kerry King, who will appear at Dimebash revealed that Phil Anselmo, former Pantera singer and Dimebag bandmate, is going to appear aswell. King said:

Rita’s [Haney, Dimebag’s longtime girlfriend] busting my balls to do it, and I told her I would if she got me a real singer,” Kerry said. “‘Cause you never know who’s gonna show up. So she goes, ‘Phil Anselmo [Pantera, Down], Chuck Billy [Testament], Robb Flynn [Machine Head]… Are those good enough?’ And I’m, like, ‘Fuck, I’ll do it with any one of those guys.’ But I’m gonna see her tonight. I haven’t committed, but I guess she committed me. [Laughs] Oh, Dave’s [Lombardo, Slayer drummer] doing it, for sure. But I’m pretty sure I’ll do it.”

Read more here and watch the video of the Interview after the jump.

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