Ozzy is honest

Say what you will about Ozzy‘s live performance. Or ability to form a basic sentence. But he is funny, and honest, no matter whom he’s talking about.

Check out this excerpt from a recent interview, about a possibly Black Sabbath reunion.

QMI Agency: I spoke to Geezer Butler recently and he said he’d love to do one more Black Sabbath world tour.

Ozzy: I bet he would. (Laughs) Um, I’m not saying I wouldn’t do it. But not right now. I’ve got another year to finish my tour. And if I do a BLACK SABBATH tour, he’s got to promise to stop fucking moaning. Geezer, I love him. But he’s always on about something. He’s like, “Ohhhhh.” And I’m like, “Yeah, great to see you too, Geezer.”

Read full interview here.

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