Metal Parenting

I believe in beating your kids. There, I said it. Working out is good for you, might as well make an obedient child out of it… Two birds, one stone.

Nightwish believe otherwise, but what do they know? They sing opera for fuck’s sake. Can Pavarotti even have sex, let alone have kids? I know he’s dead now but the question is valid.

Anyways, this “OMG SOOO CUTEEE” type of video is on YouTube of the guy in Nightwish named after a hernia — Marco Hietala — singing “Planet Caravan” to his drummer’s kid. This type of sweetness makes me sick to my stomach, but can’t go wrong with singing Black Sabbath to your infant, so they have my vote should they ever run for president.

Video after the jump, and btw, I have no idea if the chick in the photo above is still in the band or not. I can’t keep track of everybody.

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