Learn to make Loomis noise

Here’s the problem I have with Jeff Loomis of Nevermore and a lot of other guitarists like him. He’s obviously a gifted player and he can sound great. However, a lot of times he chooses to do those squeaky sounding sweeps which make you cringe and make the guitar sound like an out of tune, high-pitched piano played by an ADHD suffering retard with Down Syndrome who got kicked in the balls by a professional NFL player.

And this excerpt from his DVD is a prime example of that. Check out the intro (after the jump) and tell me if your ears aren’t bleeding. I can’t kick Loomis’ ass for making these awful sounds, cause he’s kinda famous, but you can pick up the DVD and learn to do them yourself, and rest assured, your ass I can kick… Bitch.

When asked if the bass knob on his amp was broken, Jeff Loomis had no comment.

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