Guitar Heroes

Having effectively flushed his solo career down the toilet, Chris Cornell and the reformed Soundgarden are eager to announce a “groundbreaking” deal that will bring their “new” album, entitled Telephantasm, to the  Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock video game, one week prior to the launch of the album. “Awesome”. If you’re too lazy to pick up a real instrument and want to hear some crappy b-sides, click here for more info.

But why is Slash in the picture above, one might ask?

Well, it seems our favorite clown has been truly busy lately. Amongst other thrilling activities, which you have been able to read about here at Dose of Metal, he’s found time to get involved with Jimi Hendrix: Guitar Hero DVD. Fortunately for us, this is not another Guitar Hero game. Unfortunately for us, someone thought Slash was a good choice for a narrator. Blasphemy, we know.

Read more about the DVD here, view trailer for it after the jump.

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