Review: Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance

Arising from the grave, after the couldn’t-have-come-soon-enough death of Nu Metal, Spineshank have returned with their first album in nine years. The band once had their fair share of fans, with the second record The Height Of Callousness and third album Self-Destructive Pattern showcasing the band’s talents for catchy, quasi Industrial backed Nu Metal and supporting them in their attempts to stand out from the crowd.

So how about in 2012? Metal has changed a lot in the last 9 years. We’ve remembered that solos exist for a reason, that talent is important (to some extent at least…), that rapping over guitars is gay (unless you’re Rage Against the Machine) and most importantly, that no one in red cap should ever be allowed anywhere near a guitar.

With that being said, have the band still got a knack for their catchy take on Industrial/Nu Metal? Or is it just all too late? Make the jump to find out.

Spineshank – Anger Denial Acceptance

1. After The End
2. Nothing Left For Me
3. Anger Denial Acceptance
4. I Want You To Know
5. Murder Suicide
6. The Endless Disconnect
7. I Am Damage
8. Ploratio Morbus
9. Everything Everyone Everywhere Ends
10. The Reckoning
11. God Complex (Anger)
12. Motive Method Opportunity (Denial)
13. Exit Wounds (Acceptance)

Anger Denial Acceptance begins by making Spineshank‘s intentions clear from the outset. Pummelling drums, Nu Metal riffs and the typical screams you come to expect from vocalist Jonny Santos are delivered with an element of rage usually expected from the band. However, something is missing.

Stripped of the Industrial undertones, Spineshank have been reduced to their ‘bare bones’, lacking what made them stand out in the first place. Long term fans will be disappointed by this, but even more disappointing is that despite the increased use of clean vocals (and make no mistake, Jonny can really sing), the album is completely void of any catchy hooks fans of Self-Destructive Pattern would come to expect. There are a few hints of almost catchyness in the form of the chorus on tracks such as the title track, but unfortunately the melodies prove to be incredibly generic and unremarkable.

Essentially, as The PRP state in their review, Spineshank have opted to follow the ‘fists in the air’ chant along drivel of bands like Five Finger Death Punch. A barrage of generic riffs and formulaic song structures (heavy screamed verse followed by cheesy sung chorus) dominate the album, creating a record that lacks any of the passion and creativity Spineshank once had.

Forced, shallow and completely pointless. Spineshank should have never bothered. Fans with the rosiest of tinted glasses will struggle to find redeeming qualities in Anger Denial Acceptance, while newcomers will find a record that is entirely bland.

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