Sunday Recap: If pigs could fly

We’ve had quite the week here at Dose Of Metal. And by ‘quite the week’ I mean just a regular ass week. But still, worth ranting about, right?

This is a new thing we’re trying. A quick rant about what happened this past week in the metal world. And by ‘metal world’ I mean rock world cause we’ll pretty much cover anything, really, we’re such sellouts, even Linkin Park are going “dude!!”

Make the jump and read the rant, or don’t and die lonely and filled with regrets.

So what happened this week? Here’s a quick, ranty, recap. Click the [>>] thing to go to the news itself. You should have figured that out already though.

  • Sully Erna likes to give his opinion on everything. Much like us, only we weren’t in Godsmack, so we win. This week he had yet another opinion, this time on American Idol and Kid Rock and Steven Tyler and all that nonsense. I don’t get it, is he trying to get more press or does he genuinely believe people care about his opinion so much? Either way, he’s doing it. [>>]
  • James Hetfield has signature picks out. No wonder, they’d sell pig bladders with their logo on it, if it was a hot item. And knowing Metallica fans, they’d buy that like crazy. And I should know, I’d buy that shit quicker than you can say “Ulrich.” So I bought the picks, obviously, and wrote a mini review. They’re not bad, just overpriced. [>>]
  • Our man Simo introduced a new weekly feature, Tuesday Trivia. He’ll basically find trivia nobody cares about and post it just to piss you off. This week debuted strong, with Ozzy‘s animal body count. Ever wondered how many animals he killed? Well then, don’t let me stop you. [>>]
  • Phil will be Phil. So of course he’s gonna talk about Pantera in interviews. To his defense, interviewers keep asking him about the band, so what is he gonna do, ignore the questions? Not his fault. This week he claimed the band could walk through walls. [>>] He’s also gonna release a solo album where he plans to play each instrument. Sounds exciting, right? Wrong. [>>]
  • Slash and Fergie have a single out, and the video is not hot at all, because Fergie reminds me of the clown from Saw and Slash doesn’t quite have that “I’d go gay for” factor so I have no idea why it got censored on TV. Must have been the bad music. [>>]
  • Shawn “Clown” Crahan doesn’t do anything in Slipknot, does he? I mean, maybe he takes care of other things, like Pizza Hut orders and towels, but when it comes to Slipknot‘s sound he adds nothing. He just has one marching drum on or whatever that is. So that should humble him down quite a lot, right? Wrong. He thinks Slipknot is a culture. I know, right? Enjoy. [>>]
  • Metallica are busy busy busy. They’ve been on tour since 2008 and they plan to write a new album. [>>] Other than that, well, they’ll just put a lot of live EPs and DVDs out and they just confirmed a date for 2011. Say what you will about their music, but they sure like money. [>>]
  • Good news if you like Nickelback, bad news if you like good music. Warner Music just ate up bought Roadrunner Records. Expect a lot of ‘good’ music from them, from now on. [>>]
  • This Friday, our Top 10 was about most pretentious metal videos. A lot of good entries, because most metal bands are pretty pretentious, so no surprises there, huh? [>>]
  • Kirk Hammett loves football. The good news is, he scored a field goal during a concert. The bad news is, it was straight into some poor girl’s face. [>>]

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